During my first semester at an NCAA university, a major head injury forced me to forgo my first season as a scholarship collegiate athlete.  Just as I was finishing my first semester, I was in a freak bike accident. I … read more

Written by Luke Thompson  The Leaf-Chronicle  CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — More than a year ago, John Hogan suffered the injury that forced him to miss the 2012 baseball season and nearly the entire academic year at Austin Peay. Hogan, the Govs’ … read more

It was Saturday November 21, 2009. My son was playing an away game with his bantam AAA hockey team. I recall the play that caused my son’s concussion as if it happened yesterday. My son was trying to chip the … read more

My son’s journey to the discovery of his diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome has been a lengthy one, and we know that the journey is far from over. Travis’s Grade 10 year began in September 2010. He was in the academic … read more

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Circa 1984 – Canadian Football League: One of many concussion experiences Player (talking to self):  Where am I? Oh yeah, we’re in Calgary. What happened? Oh yeah. Got knocked out. Again. I am still laying flat on my back. Wow. … read more

I played hockey since the age of five. I not only was good at the sport but I truly enjoyed practicing, which in turn made me better. I began to suffer concussions during my Junior A career. It was all … read more